Tuesday, November 3, 2015


They always say that there's one person out there who is your perfect match. Someone who you were just meant to meet, more than likely when you least expect it or aren't trying. By sheer coincidence, i spontaneously met a young woman, much younger than me, down at the local supermarket around 18 months ago.

When i say younger she was still an adult, lets get that straight. I was nearly 36 years old at the time, without the benefit of having known her i couldn't possibly have known precisely how old she was, and i certainly wasn't going to ask her how old she was.

Not exactly a charming way to start proceedings. I guessed she was somewhere between the age of 18 to 22, and being a reasonably young at heart 35 year old, i figured i had nothing to lose. In hindsight, i have to admit i regret not asking her out the next time she served me at the supermarket checkout, i rather haphazardly looked her up on Facebook and sent her a message, as a way of introducing myself.

She might have rejected me anyway even if i had done it the traditional way and asked her out at the shop, especially given the age gap factor, but it all went pair shaped after our first conversation on Facebook. I dont blame her for giving me the cold shoulder in the end, i dont really blame myself for using Facebook to try and break the ice with her, it was always a bit of a Catch 22 for me, but with the benefit of hindsight, yeah i admit i fucked it up.

For me anyway, not saying she felt the same way, i felt a lot of chemistry for her, to the point of it being electrifying, almost like it was in the air when we were within eyeshot of one another, and for me, it was a unique and special feeling. I love you Jacinda Hullsmunn, had to tell you before i move on to the next stage of my life. It was a pleasure to meet you.

Monday, August 31, 2015


DARE were different from the US pop metal bands and most AOR bands that rose up during the height of the 80's gloss rock era, simply because the band had something known as real substance, real soul and real musical talent.

The band only ever released three albums which could be defined as hard rock or soft metal, the awe inspiring debut, which the song featured here, ABANDON, comes from, and two relatively mediocre follow ups which didn't recapture the magic of OUT OF THE SILENCE, they being BLOOD FROM STONE in 1991 and CALM BEFORE THE STORM seven whole years later in 1998.

All subsequent releases from DARE after that increasingly ventured off into pure Celtic music territory, which you couldn't even compare against the band's hard rock output. DARE was originally formed in 1985 in Oldham, England by ex-THIN LIZZY keyboardist DARREN WHEATON.

Guitarist VINNY BURNS, who was only present in the band for the first two albums, and inspired by bands like VAN HALEN, RUSH, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN and band as well as ASIA, the latter being the band he jumped ship to in 1992, really can lay claim to having made a good, solid and formulaic 80's hair band something extra special. Other absolutely riveting and euphoric gems to come off the debut album include INTO THE FIRE, RAINDANCE and UNDER THE SUN.

Friday, August 21, 2015


JIMMY BARNES is nowhere to be heard for the first 5 minutes of this blistering blues charged COLD CHISEL live performance of ONE LONG DAY, one of my favorite rarities from the Australian pub rock legends. Barnesy eventually gets the chance to sing, but not until after a guitar/ boogie-woogie tour de force of improvization between IAN MOSS and the band's pianist and chief songwriter, DON WALKER.

IAN MOSS, who never shied away from wearing the influence of FREE's PAUL RODGERS on his sleeve, especially live on stage, delivers the opening lead vocal here, which perfectly replicates the freewheeling and soulful delivery of Rodgers from that band's "Fire and Water heyday".

This performance really sounds like a blues-upped equivalent of Chisel's formulaic but catchy SHIPPING STEEL, from around the 4 minute to 5 minute mark Moss lets rip and cranks out some spitfire blues riffs to rival that of PETER GREEN, one of the greatest "white" blues guitarist in history outside of America.

Friday, August 7, 2015


FOREIGNER's third album HEAD GAMES (1979) received mixed reviews from music critics. It was an attempt by the band to 'loosen up their sound' and put a lot more swagger into it, in place of the very structured and largely workmanlike songs which made it onto the band's first two albums, the self titled debut (1977) and DOUBLE VISION (1978).

It worked a charm on a few tracks but didn't quite gel on four or five of them. HEAD GAMES the song sounds a bit too manufactured, but it become Foreigner's definitive live song in concert, and played live, really got a new lease of life, a lot heavier than what made it onto the record.

REV ON THE RED LINE, the closing track, which made it onto every Foreigner greatest hits collection I know of, always was and always will be a fairly mediocre formulaic filler, but obviously the band and their record company thought more highly of the song than me.

LOVE ON THE TELEPHONE, with its faint disco backdrop, like KISS and I WAS MADE FOR LOVING YOU, has a good hook about it but still sounds manufactured, especially the last half of the song. Foreigner hadn't quite learnt to play R&B like the ROLLING STONES or one of guitarist MICK JONES' biggest musical influences, CHUCK BERRY, but the band was trying.

The best songs off the album come down to three songs, DIRTY WHITE BOY, which I would have to rate as the definitive and most convincing attempt by Foreigner at playing no-nonsense ballsy old style rock'n'roll, the lyrics need no explaining, they are provocative, and they're all about BANGING muff. 3:)

WOMEN comes in second, it's a grainy and gritty little R&B fueled rocker, where guitarist Jones come in a bit half cocked elsewhere on the album he nailed it to perfection with this one. Not forgetting singer LOU GRAMM, who sings it with an entertaining sense of pisstakery and laidback-ness, like he did with LOVE HAS TAKEN ITS TOLL off DOUBLE VISION.

SEVENTEEN is my third favorite song, like DIRTY WHITE BOY the lyrics lean towards wanton dirty minded decadence, and that's what FOREIGNER wanted to achieve with this album. They set out to make an album that was 'bad', the band members wanted to shed their AOR corporate rock image which the first two albums, and moreso their second effort, had sort of lumbered on them. 10 songs - a few great rockers but too many fillers.