Monday, June 4, 2012


Sports commentary in Australia has never quite been the same since iconic loudmouth Darrell Eastlake went off the radar. Following a heart attack while commentating at a surf event many years ago, Eastlake conspicuously toned down his exuberant style, assumably on doctor's orders. In more recent times it has been revealed he is suffering from mid stage Alzheimers Disease, robbing him of the personality which provided so much irritation and entertainment to australian TV sports fans during the 80`s and 90`s. There is a conspicuous lack of You Tube videos showcasing all his most famous outbursts, but this one at a 1994 touring car race in Adelaide is up there in the Darrell Eastlake Top 5. Although Eastlake was never a motor racing expert, his enthusiam calling this race was one of the greatest pieces of commentary in the history of motorsport. Not even Formula 1 king Murray Walker can lay claim to pulling off an effort as entertaining as Eastlake was here.

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