Sunday, September 23, 2012


When canadian rock chick ALANNAH MYLES burst onto the scene in 1989 with a self titled debut brimming with classic pop rock and pop metal tunes, she scored herself a multi-platinum hit which for all it's pop sensibilities is still very rootsy in overall sound, she didn't make the mistake of over producing her album like MOTLEY CRUE did with DR. FEELGOOD and DEF LEPPARD did with HYSTERIA. The classic hit single BLACK VELVET possessed a richness of melodic texture that was smooth as velvet, literally speaking. When MYLES returned in 1992 with the convoluted follow up album ROCKINGHORSE, you were left wondering was this really the same musician, well for most songs anyway. ROCKINGHORSE sold very well in her native Canada and in Europe, especially in Switzerland, but it completely bombed in the US. Such an experimental direction for a second album seemed too alien and left of centre for an artist who started out her career with such a radio friendly album, songs like SONG INSTEAD OF A KISS and SONNY SAY YOU WILL are really weird, in the avant garde category, and obviously were never going to strike paydirt as hit singles in the US, but this blues and country tinged rocker, TUMBLEWEED, i think is a great song. Myles went onto record a couple more albums in the 90`s, but i never bothered to buy them, because overall, i felt ripped off when i bought ROCKINGHORSE. Very experimental, not very convincing, but TUMBLEWEED rocks on. The artwork on the front cover of ROCKINGHORSE never seemed to arouse any controversy, despite a marginal degree of bestiality imagery on display, with a naked Alannah Myles standing side by side with a horse. Rather provocative imagery to compliment the album's experimentation.

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